Philip Wolff

Born in Landstuhl, Germany, Philip lived in and traveled throughout Europe before moving to Washington DC in his early teens. Displaying a natural knack for cutting hair at a young age, experimenting on friends and family, and following the urges of his mother, at the age of 20 Philip began his professional career as an apprentice at a Toni & Guy concept salon in Maryland.

With zero professional experience or training, it was his unique look, personality and upbeat attitude that caught the attention of salon bosses, who threw him feet first into the bustling atmosphere, loud music, obscure fashions and all that the glamorous world of hair shows has to offer on his first day on the job.

For the next year, Philip established himself as a talented hair stylist, and thirsty for new challenges he moved to PR at Partners, a UK-based company with 15 locations in the DC area. As a salon stylist, Philip dedicated himself to the companies full ongoing education program and within a year he was on the education team, teaching haircutting to newcomers and developing his own advanced skills.

philipwolffHis dedication and passion paid off, and Philip went on to serve as Artistic Director of Education for the Chevy Chase salon, where he continued to teach advanced hair cutting at all 15 locations. It was his participation in the PR at Partners education program that established Philips continued dedication to sharing his techniques with others as a cutting educator.
In 2004, satisfied with his achievements at PR at Partners but in search of a fresh challenge, Philip took the ultimate risk and moved to LA. He sacrificed his hard-earned clientele, a Who’s Who of Washington DC, and started from scratch in the LA beauty industry.

Embracing the major lifestyle change, Philip moved from salon to salon, picking up work anywhere he could. It was a drastic change from his stable career in DC and an experience that humbled Philip, and although he questioned his choice to move to LA he never doubted his talent or his passion for cutting. Philip finally landed a deal with Privé Salon to work for nine months in Seoul, Korea at the W Hotel, where he cut hair for a number of celebrities, models and high-end clientele, including the Samsung family, and worked on a number of runway shows, television shows and the incredibly popular MTV Asia network.

Following his success in Asia, Philip returned to LA as a stylist at Privé’s Beverly Hills salon, where he slowly built clientele and worked as an artistic educator for Prive Products for the next five years. It was during his time at Privé that Philip worked LA Fashion week, working with celebrity clients such as Kim Kardashian, who remains a client to this day.
In 2010, Philip left Privé to work independently out of a boutique salon, Shades, the only green hair salon in LA owned by Susan Henry, a co-worker of Philips at Privé. While his clients have switched up colorists and stylists throughout the years, Philip remains the go-to-guy for cutting, and as every stylist knows, a great cut is the foundation of any look.

Philip enjoys creating everything from short, super edgy cuts to sexy, long classic looks and everything in between. While many hairdressers specialize in either male or female cuts, Philip doesn’t restrict himself to one gender and enjoys cutting both genders equally. Philip’s shears and comb are his brush and palette: his single minded focus can last hours, his sole goal a living masterpiece, unique to each client.

What makes Philip stand out in this industry is his passion for education, his loyal celebrity clientele, his skill as a versatile cutter of hair and his unique personal look. For years the media has stereotyped the male hairdresser, but Philip is breaking that mold and redefining the image. Covered in tattoos and piercings, Philip is not your typical hairdresser and it is his edgy appearance and unpretentious demeanor that separate him from the masses. His relaxed attitude teamed with his skill-set are what keep his clientele coming back year after year.