Ouidad for curly hair

We are the curly hair experts and the only Ouidad Certified Salon in the Roseville Granite Bay Area.

If you have wavy, curly or kinky hair and would like to wear your curls naturally, you know first hand the importance of the right cut and styling products.  We are certified and trained by Ouidad, an award winning product line and trademarked cutting and styling techniques designed specifically for curly hair. We also stock the complete line of Ouidad products in our salon.

Some of Nevaeh Salon's Curly Hair Clients:

Whether you have short hair, long hair or in between, we can spring your curls to life!  We are trained on how to cut, layer and style curly hair of all types.  Soft curls, spirals or kinky coils, we are trained to detect your natural curl patterns and density of curls.  With unique cutting techniques, we bring uniformity to your curls and show you how to style it at home without flattening your waves. 


Best Cut for Curly Hair!

Meet the Ouidad Cut! Carving & Slicing is a trademarked haircut that removes the bulk from curly hair while enhancing your natural curl pattern. This combination produces natural, well-defined ringlets that fit gently into each other like puzzle pieces creating healthier, more manageable curls. The Carve & Slice is only available at Ouidad certified salons (such as Nevaeh Salon in Roseville) by stylists who have been thoroughly trained on by Ouidad.

How to Style Curly Hair

Once you have the right cut, styling your curly hair will be much easier.  The Ouidad signature styling technique, called “rake & shake” combines the Ouidad cut and products formulated for curly hair.  Enjoy this video on how to rake Ouidad styling gel into sections of hair, and then shake strands until S pattern waves form.

The Best Products for Curly Hair?

At our Roseville Hair Salon, we offer the absolute best in curly hair products by utilizing the Ouidad system.  All of these products are gentle, mosturizing and water-soluble.  They work from the inside out to transform your hair into its healthiest possible condition and leave your curly hair manageable and frizz-free.

Come in and let our staff show you why the Ouidad system is the leader in the curly hair revolution.  From our chair to your home, you will be able to recreate a natural, manageable, silky, frizz-free head of curls.

Chances are you won’t even recognize your own hair!  Book an appointment today and see for yourself!  Call (916) 786-5888 or book online.