Vivid Hair Color

Vivid Hair Color

Vivid hair colors are all the rage in Roseville, CA

Hair color trends may come and go, but vivid fashion hair colors are still hot this summer at Nevaeh Salon.   Bold fashion color is all about dimension to keep your look from looking flat and overstated. 

You can ease into a vivid hair color

If you are a bit nervous about taking the plunge with your bold hair color, you could start small and work your way up. If you want to see how a color looks, try adding trying an ombre or dip dye look, or some peek-a-boo color.  Even oil slick hair color can be as subtle as you want it to be.

It can be a big change to go from natural colors to bold and vibrant ones but we are ready to help you transform your look. When selecting your favorite color, remember to consider your skin tone and how the color you choose will work with your complexion. And no matter which color you choose, never attempt a bold hair color at home.  For best results, seek a hair colorist with experience working with bold hair color.

Beautiful Bold Color

For these vivid color trends, you’ll need very light hair to get the best result.  So if you don’t have light hair, you’ll have to start with a process to lighten up your hair all over. 

Mermaid hair ranges from the subtle blues to the most vibrant teals.  Although mermaid hair is typically blues and greens, you can create it using any colors.

There’s red hair…and then there’s RED hair like this shade by Aaron at Nevaeh Salon.  How about purple, also by Aaron.  We don’t stop at purple, look at this pink by Sabrina. 

Talk to the vivid color experts at Neveah salon in Roseville.  They can help you find the perfect shade that will match your skin tone.  If you are ready for a hair color transformation with big bold color, call (916) 786-5888.