Pro Fiber Treatment by L’Oreal

L'oreal Pro Fiber treatmentSay hello to revitalized, luscious locks and goodbye to dry, brittle and damaged hair with Pro Fiber at Nevaeh Hair Salon in Roseville!

We are so thrilled to introduce our first ultra long-lasting, recharging haircare program for damaged hair with Pro Fiber. We offer three different levels of treatment depending on levels of damage.

Did you know that damaged hair is noted as the number one hair concern around the world? This is no surprise to us because according to L’Oreal, 57% of women today are embracing longer hair. But with every 12cm of hair having endured twelve months of heat styling, abrasive brushing and UV exposure, the hair fiber is prone to breakage and left hard to manage. L’Oreal is challenging the cycle of hair damage with a groundbreaking repair system. It’s Pro Fiber!

What Is It?

Enriched with L’Oreal’s exclusive Aptyl 100 Molecular Complex, Pro Fiber is the newest professional product to hit salons nationwide. It has been called the hair cure! The new technology enables the treatment to penetrate and lastingly grip the hair fiber from the inside out.

Pro Fiber has 3 ranges designed for different levels of damage:

  • Revive – Light Damage
  • Restore – Medium Damage
  • Recover – Heavy Damage 

It contains wonder ingredients that have been proven to transform the hair!

*Aminosilane, reinforces the hair structure through a three-dimensional network by filling in any holes in each individual hair strand that are the result of damage. 

*Cationic polymers act as a protective sheath, covering the hair’s surface and leaving a soft silky feel. 

loreal profiber before and afterWhat’s The Process Like?

The Pro Fiber process is simple. Hair is washed and the treatment is applied to the damaged areas. It is left in for around 5-minutes. After the treatment is washed out, the hair will immediately feel soft and silky smooth! The best part is, it keeps working over time.

  • ProFiber as an Add On Treatment = $40
  • ProFiber Treatment w/Blowout = $80
  • ProFiber Treatment 3 piece home care kit (includes shampoo, conditioner, & leave in)=$98

 For details about Pro Fiber, or to schedule an appointment, call our hair salon (916) 786-5888.