Nevaeh Hair Salon Introduces Oribe Hair Care Products

Nevaeh Hair Salon, Roseville, is excited to carry Oribe Hair Care – the very best in products, education and inspiration!

Oribe Hair Care Products Nevaeh Salon RosevilleNevaeh Hair Salon in Roseville, California, is very excited to announce that we will be using multiple award-winning Oribe hair products. Oribe’s world class range is praised globally and has even featured on the Vogue Beauty Hit List!

Innovative Oribe products, which boast to be ‘the best on the market’, have been custom blended and allow anyone to have perfect, manageable hair.  Oribe prides themselves on being able to transform any woman by giving her an uber glamorous style, with maximum hold and volume, while still being kind to your hair and scalp.

These hair styling products are like nothing that you will have used before – gels that condition, oils that hold, sprays that don’t flake or clump and skincare-grade shampoos. Whatever your styling needs, the Nevaeh team will select the perfect Oribe product for you.

Not only will Oribe leave your hair looking wonderful, it will also smell wonderful, as all products are infused with specially selected French perfumes. On top of all this, all Oribe products are paraben and sodium chloride-free.




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Oribe Products at Nevaeh

Some of Nevaeh hair salon’s favorite products in the Oribe range include:

Oribe Hair Care Products Nevaeh Salon Roseville

1. Shampoo for Brilliance & Shine

Illuminate your hair with Oribe’s Shampoo for Brilliance & Shine. This amazing shampoo won Women’s Health Beauty Award, Editor’s Pick for best shampoo.

This weightless product will give your hair a sparkle by revitalizing natural oils and amino acids, and so repairs hair as it refreshes. Not only that, this wonder blend also includes UV protection!

2. Supershine Moisturizing Cream

This is leave in conditioner as you’ve never experienced before! This product is duel purpose – not only can it be applied to hair prior to drying, but it can also be used on strays throughout the day. Its fabulous effects mean that it has scooped the Allure, Best of Beauty, Best Splurges award.

3. Foundation Mist

This wonder product is a brilliant all-rounder. Used prior to styling, this spritz builds shine and detangles, while also providing thermal protection – this is achieved as the spray closes the cuticle giving hair shine and softness. Because of its wondrous effects, this product was awarded Life & Style Weekly Best of Beauty Awards, Thermal Protector.

4. Signature Moisture Masque – A Super Indulgence

Nourish your hair with this super indulgent masque. No matter how dry and brittle your hair may be, this treatment claims to revive it to baby softness. This fabulous product is packed full of goodness, including lychee extract, kaempferia galanga root and keratin.This masque is so perfect that it has won not just one award, but two – Brides Magazine Beauty Award, Best Deep Conditioner and Beauty at its Best, Best Hair Treatment.

Why not ask your Nevaeh Hair Stylist to use the amazing Oribe product range next time you visit our Roseville Hair Salon for flawless hair.