Get to Know Your Nevaeh Hairstylist – Trevor Schweitzer


Trevor Schweitzer came to Roseville three years ago after spending the majority of his life in Lincoln, Neb. Today, Schweitzer is the salon manager and a stylist at Nevaeh Salon in GraniteBay.

When his wife, who works for KCRA as a digital advertising manager, transferred to Sacramento, Schweitzer felt it was time for a career change. He left behind a management career in the commercial glass industry and enrolled in cosmetology school.

We pick up his story from there:

How do you make the transition from the commercial glass industry to wanting to go to cosmetology school?
This was something I’ve been wanting to do since I was about 14 years old. I had an aunt who was in the profession when I was a kid. I watched her do our whole family’s hair. And I used to go to hair shows with my wife when she modeled for salons. It was just something that fascinated me.

What do you like about working in Granite Bay?
People out here are really friendly, really down to earth. Plus, it’s close to my house.  It’s easy to take my kids to school and pick them up. Our owner (Coleen Weeks) is amazing, that’s another reason why I like this salon.

What are some of the crazier hairstyles you’ve seen?
I’ve seen a lot of the pastels. You know, the light blues, the pinks, everything from whites to pinks to greens. Anything that has to do with color right now is pretty good. Half-shaven heads are also a big deal. .

Do you get a lot of people doing that?
Out here in this area, no, not at all. Something crazy out here would be an Ombre from one of the high school girls.

What’s an Ombre hair style?
It goes from either darker to light or the reverse from light to dark.

So, it’s mainly the younger generations that are getting a little more experimental?
It’s always the younger generations. When I was 18 years old, I had 8 inches of hair that was braided up and over, spiked to the ceiling as far as I could get it, which is a lot of fun. Every now and again, you’ll get a random 30- or 40-year –old that wants to go a little bit out of the box. So it’s there – it’s just whether you can pull it out of them or not.

Going into summer, what kinds of hairstyle trends do you typically see?
In the summer, everybody wants to be blond again. They want to have that platinum blonde look, or transition from the winter/fall colors, from the reds and browns, to come back to summer, which is bright. Something fun. That’s a term I like to use a lot, is just to have fun. You can have your brown hair, that’s OK.  But you know, when you’re into summer, you’re going to be out at the lake or at the pool.  You’re going to go on vacations and you’re going to want fun hair.

What do you most commonly talk about with your clients?
I always talk about my family.  It’s easy because I have a picture of my wife sitting on my station and then they go, “Oh, is that your wife?” And then they start talking about their kids and their sports. That’s how I relate to a lot of my clients, because I’m 35 years old, I have two daughters, I’m married. But yet I can talk to anyone, anywhere.

Is there some sort of code of client/hairstylist confidentiality?
Sure, yea.  They will tell you their life story if they want to. They are going to tell you things that you might not necessarily want to hear, but they tell you anyway.  But it’s OK, because they come back in and the next time you see them, you pick right back up where you left off.

Do you sometimes feel like a therapist?
Oh yea, definitely. Even with people that you work with, when they sit in the chair, they relax and just pour it all out to you, too. Stylists carry a lot of people’s baggage on their shoulders.

Do you ever get tired of hearing about other people’s lives? No, not at all. Because if I have a bad day and I walk in here kind of bummed out, somebody tells you a really good story that kind of picks you up. Or vice versa-if they have a really bad story then I think, “OK, my world is not that bad.”…And you are doing a service for them, to make them feel 100 percent better about themselves when they walk out the door. That’s what they are here for and that’s what we try to provide.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could have one person to accompany you, who would it be and why?
It would definitely be my wife. She is my best friend. We can laugh together, we can bicker and banter together and poke fun at each other and just let it go and have a blast.  And she is my best and worst client.

She’s your best and worst client?
She is. She’s my billboard. She’s my promoter who walks around with my color and my cut on her hair, my extensions that I put in for her. But she is also the worst one because she is very, very picky. And I get to see it every day, so it’s right in my face.   Toby Lewis is a freelance writer living in Sacramento. Follow him on Twitter, @TobiLewis.