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Instant Length and Volume with Hair Extensions at Nevaeh Salon in Roseville

Have you ever seen a woman with full, flowing hair and wished it could be yours? Thanks to hair extensions, hair envy can be a thing of the past! Hair extensions are not just for Hollywood anymore! And because good quality human hair extensions look so natural, you'd be surprised who's wearing them! 

It's important to have options!  That's why we carry different brands of hair extensions with various attachment techniques. Hair extensions are not a one-size-fits-all service.  We are able to customize the type of hair, color and attachment method - along with the placement of the wefts - to suit your natural hair, desired length of hair and your unique hair type.

Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Hand tied hair extensions are very popular.  They attach without any braids, clips or adhesives so they feel very lightweight in the hair.  Rows of beads are attached to the natural hair then wefts human Remy hair are then sewn each bead. Beacuase the wefts of hair are small, hand tied extensions are highly blendable with your natural hair.  Like other high quality hair, hand tied extensions wefts are reusable. With proper care, our hand tied hair extensions can removed and reapplied.

  • Hair feels very light, never heavy
  • No braids, clips or adhesives used
  • Hair is reusable

Tape In Hair Extensions

Also known as Skin Weft Extensions, our Tape In Hair Extensions are made of 100% virgin hair with the cuticle intact. Tracks of hair,  attached near the scalp using a high grade adhesive tape, are designed to lay completely flat and undetectable in the hair. Because they can be placed so close to the skin, they mimic hair growing right from the scalp and they look completely natural. 

Tape in hair extensions are easy to install so the application time is minimal. This makes tape in hair extensions a very economical way to add volume and length to your style - exactly where you need it.  Tape in extensions can be worn up to 8 to 10 weeks before they need to be removed or adjusted.  With proper care, our tape in hair extensions can removed and reapplied up to 3 times and still look and feel amazing.

  • Lightweight and lie flat
  • Minimal application time
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Hair is reusable

Beaded Row Hair Extensions

This section needs some clarification.  Beaded row hair extensions, also called microlink or i-tip extensions,  are a strand by strand fusion method where small wefts of hair are attached to your natural hair using a silicone bead. The bead is tightened to attach each strand in place, so no glue or heat is used.  Using a strand-by-strand method allows us to place hair exactly where you need it, leaving as much of your natural hair showing as you want.

  • Won't cause damage to your hair
  • Hair fastens securely
  • Hair is reusable

Sew In Hair Extensions

Sew in hair extensions, also known as known as a Weaves, are popular with women of all different hair types and textures. We offer Traditional Weaves, Full Sew In Weave, Closures or Versatile Weaves, all made of high quality human virgin hair which is made into machine weft bundles. First, the natural hair is braided down into a protective style, then the individual hair bundles are sewn into the tracks of hair. Depending on how you'd like to style your hair or wear your natural part, we would braid down all, most or only some of your natural hair.

  • Protective style encourages hair growth
  • Flexible options for how much of your natural hair to show
  • Hair is reusable

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There are so many options when it comes to hair extensions.  What we recommend to one client may be completely different than what we recommend to another.  Your hair type, condition and preferred style are big determining factors when it comes to selecting the right type of hair extensions for you. Pricing varies depending on the brand and technique used and the amount of hair used to create the look you want. 

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