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We offer a full range of hair color services from color correction, highlights, lowlights, and even covering up unwanted gray hairs. We are up to date on the all the latest hair color techniques such as balayage, smudge roots and gloss toner.  As an official Redken salon, we use the very best professional hair color products to ensure a flawless, striking hair color finish every time.

We understand that hair color is unique to the individual so it's our passion to deliver expert results! We ensure that all of our stylists undergo progressive training programs to keep them up to date with the latest color techniques and trends as well as using the latest high quality hair products to help us deliver cutting edge hair services.

We Know Blonde Hair & Highlights.  Just look at our clients:

Foil Highlights and Lowlights

From the prettiest golden, honey, or platinum shades there is a blonde hair color to suit your complexion and inject sunshine into your hairstyle. One of the most popular blonde shades is caramel blonde, a warm natural color with undertones of red, blonde and brown. Blonde hair colors are gorgeous, but finding the perfect shade for you is all about balance. Speak to your hair color stylist at Nevaeh Salon for advice on the perfect blonde color for you and turn your hair into a style statement.   

Every Shade of Red Hair

Red hair color is eye-catching, mysterious and sexy, a little exotic and quirky, too. From rich coppery red hair to lusciously deep ruby, red hair color is high maintenance and needs special care with regular touch ups otherwise your color will fade quickly. Add some red highlights for a stylish look without going for radical changes. For something warmer and bolder, why not wear your hair red with a gorgeous shade of auburn, redhead beauties look adorable. Every flame haired vixen needs to keep her locks looking shiny and sleek, keep up with regular hair color appointments at Nevaeh Hair Salon.  

Gray Hair Color, Icy Blondes

There's no shame in going gray, in fact grey can be the new blonde!  Younger women are dying their locks grey, embracing the granny hair trend that is sweeping the catwalks. Make sure your shade of grey provides enough depth or contrast.  Enhancing your own gray hair can bring a more youthful appearance , and covering those pesky gray hairs is easier than you think!  Grey with a little hint of pastel is also a popular hair color trend!  

Brunette Hair Color, Brunette with Highlights

Brunette hair color is suitable for all skin tones and needs less maintenance to keep the color in perfect shape. Golden brown is a gorgeous shade of brunette adding a warm glow to your hair. Create an illusion of voluminous hair by adding a few lighter tones to this natural shade of brown. Whether you're thinking of becoming a sexy brunette or just want to freshen up your brown hair color, you've come to the right place.  

Ombre Hair Color & Balayage

Ombre hair and balayage hair color techniques create some of the hottest hair color looks and they can be very low maintenance.  Both of these techniques are achieved by applying lightener or color with a brush instead of foils to create a look that is either bold or subtle. By lightening only your hair's lengths and ends you have an instant brightening effect, adding light and contrast to your hair color.  

Vivid Hair Color

Full Head Color / All Over Color

Feeling like a change? Hair color is constantly changing with the fashions, so if you like to keep up to date with the hair trends, a new color could just be what you need. Whatever color you choose, even the most subtle change can make a big difference.  A new all over color is also a great way to cover up unwanted greys or subtly blend them in to the rest of your hair. Ask your stylist about the various options for all over color, from permanent color to semi-permanent color.  An all over color can even give you the added benefits of improved softness and shine. 

Regrowth / Roots

It's important to maintain your hair color as it grows out, to avoid leaving a color difference between the roots and the rest of your hair.  The hair color professionals at Nevaeh Salon will recommend how often your color will need to be touched up to keep it looking great.

Color correction – we fix hair color problems

Our highly experienced hair color experts are fully equipped and qualified in hair color correction.  Correcting hair color disasters: removing a box hair color or correcting a bad balayage can be a complex process but with our experienced team you’re in safe hands!  Fixing imbalances or shade problems: Perhaps your highlights have been over exposed to the sun and your hair has become very brassy.  Or after frequent hair coloring, you have bands of color where the pigment is overlapped. Learn more about our Hair Color Correction here.
We have a number of foil services that allow you to incorporate some added depth and dimension into your hair. 

Foil Highlights: (hi-lites / highlights) a complex and artistic process performed by our highly skilled hair color technicians. Each foil is available in a wide range of tones and shades, and is placed individually giving you unique results.

Partial foils and accent foils are very versatile and can be sliced, woven or placed in sections of hair color wherever you desire. They refer to anything less than a full head of foils and generally mean they're placed on the part-line, front hairline and the crown. They're ideal if you would like to experience having hair color or as an accent in an area of your hair for example, a fringe. They're wonderful for brightening up your existing color and giving you a refreshed look.

Full foils: can be as big and bright as you imagine or as natural and low key as you like. They create an all over effect of highlighted hair that can be woven or sliced, depending on the effect that you require.

Face framing / peekaboo highlights: foils are placed around the face for a brightening effect or for dramatic effect to emphasize a hair cut.

Lowlights: similar to highlights, lowlights add depth and tone to washed out ends by  adding darker color to strands- lowlights offer variation.

Whatever hair color service you choose, rest assured that at our Hair Salon in Roseville we are able to work with your vision and give you a result that you're 100% happy with.

Hair Color Appointment at Nevaeh Salon

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