Hair Color Problems Need Expert Color Correction

Come to the color correction experts in Roseville at Nevaeh Salon

If you’ve had a do-it-yourself hair color disaster at home, don’t be ashamed. We know how to balance your color, remove color, lighten your roots and pull off the most extreme dark to light make overs.  It may not be accomplished all in one visit, but we can bring your hair back to beautiful.  

We've mastered color chemistry and we're here to fix your hair color

First of all, we don't judge.  We've seen it all.  And our highly experienced hair color experts are fully equipped to handle even the most frightening hair color problems.

  • Box color turned out entirely too dark?
  • Tried your hand at balayage, ombre hair or dip dye?
  • Repeat offender with home highlight and bleaching kits?
  • Lightening your locks so far from your natural shade that your skin looks sallow?
  • Blonde hair turned orange in the sun?

How do we fix hair color?

Correcting a hair color problem can be a multi-step process, but it can be done! Sometimes in order to fix the problem, areas of color may need to be stripped away while other areas need a toner. Or you may need an all-over-color or bleach and tone to correct your base color, with highlights or more color added afterwards.  Your stylist will assess your hair carefully and let you know what is recommended in order to restore and correct your color.

Fixing highlights and adjusting blonde hair

Perhaps your highlights have been over exposed to the sun and your hair has become very brassy.  Often times, these orange tones can be neutralized with the application of a toner.  Your stylist may also recommend that you try a special shampoo at home that is deep purple in color.  This will also help brassy tones from reappearing.

Too many highlights or highlights are too thick?  Perhaps you need to take your blonde down a few notches.  The overall look of your highlights or blonde hair can be adjusted by using some lowlights mixed in with your highlights.   Your stylist will know just the right shade or shades to introduce in order to bring back dimension to your hair.

Removing obvious bands of color

If you apply box color  - or all over color - at home, sometimes color banding will appear.  Unless you are a professional with a trained hand and eye, your pigment applications are bound to overlap.  This will create bands of color.  There a few different methods your stylist may suggest in order to "lift off" layers of old hair color.  It will really depend on the condition of your hair.

Blending in severe dark roots

If you've let your old color or highlights grow out several inches, it's going to take some color correction magic to bring your color up to date.  It will depend on the type of color you are going for.  A new all-over color might require that the roots be lightened up first in order to take the new shade.   If you have several inches of grey roots, then the problem may be as simple as applying the new color directly.  Your stylist will tell you what needs to be done and even give you some great color ideas that would look good on you.

Transitioning away from a vivid color

If you're a frequent flyer when it comes to the greens, blues, purples and reds, then you know the importance and necessity of upkeep.  If you're growing out your mermaid hair color and ready to rock a caramel honey blonde,  we've got the expertise to pull that off.  Color adjusting and balancing is critical when wearing shades from the vivid hair color palette.

Blonde hair turned green

Blondes don't always have the most fun, especially if they've been swimming in a chlorinated pool.  The copper deposits in the pool water can oxidize and turn the hair green.  Even brown hair can look slightly green, but as blonde hair tends to be more porous, sometimes it's just inevitable.  Hair that has turned green can also develop a slippery slimy feel, as if it has a coating on it.  You may be able to remedy the green pool hair at home.  Google how to mix up a solution of water and aspirin, apply as a rinse to the hair and let it sit on for several minutes.  If the problem persists, you may need a professional chelating solution which is applied to the hair in the salon.

A few more examples of hair color correction by Nevaeh Salon in Roseville, CA:

Protect your hair with b3 Brazilian Bond Builder

We can't sing the praises of b3 Brazilian Bond Builder enough.  These add-on treatments reinforce and strengthen the hair during a chemical service such as hair color.  If your hair is damaged, a treatment like b3 Brazilian Bond Builder could be the difference between your hair being strong enough for more color or having to live with a hair disaster until your hair is healthy enough to be lightened or colored again.  If your stylists recommends one of these hair repair treatments, please give it serious consideration.

How much does hair color correction cost?

The cost of your hair color correction service will depend on the condition of your hair.  Our stylists will give you an exact cost based on their recommendation following an assessment of your hair. 

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