Top Halloween Costume Ideas

Top Halloween Costume Ideas, Hairstyles & Makeup


The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Women in Roseville

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to plan your costume, and most importantly, how you will wear your hair! Sure, you can dress up as a sexy cat or vampire, or you can consider these trendy alternatives that will put your DIY skills to the test. At Nevaeh Hair Salon in Roseville we can help you pull your look together with the perfect hair and makeup.

Get your inspo here with these Halloween hair and makeup ideas from around the web. You don’t have to be dark and ghoulish, just come up with a unique costume that you can be comfortable in for a few hours. Here are our Halloween hair and makeup picks to help you stand out from the crowd!

Sugar Skull Makeup Looks for Halloween

We can’t get enough of this look inspired by the folk art surrounding the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. The original look is colorful and fun, not so ghoulish and scary. Sugar skull makeup can be full face, or half face. You can focus on mostly black and white face makeup with a hint of color, or you can go all out with multiple makeup colors drawing flowers, petals, gems etc. Your sugar skull hairstyle can be anything you want it to be, as the look is really all about beautiful face makeup, but you can add colorful flowers and jewelry to complete your authentic sugar skull look.

Voluminous Zombie Hairstyles

If you are going for the look of the un-dead, then the theatrics of the zombie is for you. There are plenty of youtube videos on how to create the special effects of blood, scars and bruises, along with all the other gory details. Have you ever seen a zombie with clean, sleek hair? Absolutely not! Simply sprinkle some talcum powder over your hair and shake it around to create a ghostly hairstyle.

Devilish Hair & Makeup

Use your imagination to release your inner devil!  Check out some Instagram pics for ideas on how to play up your eyes for a sexy devil, or how to add creepy touches to your costume.

Wonder Woman Hair and Makeup for Halloween

With some black eyeliner and extreme highlighting, you can turn yourself into a comic book character. If you want to stay true to the character, don’t forget her iconic headband, whether you draw it on with makeup or make one yourself! She is fierce! We’ve seen a few different takes on Wonder Woman for Halloween, from the classic to the comic, even the zombie apocalypse. But hey, it’s Halloween so be original and have fun!

Scarecrow Hair and Makeup for Halloween

Here is a super cute and very trendy Halloween costume idea that’s easy to do. If you need something simple in terms of face makeup, then the scarecrow is a great option. Scarecrow makeup is as simple as creating a nose and mouth that looks stitched on. The rest of your costume will pull the look together. Perhaps some flannel, overalls, and a little straw of course.

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