Summer Concert Hairstyle Ideas

Get Your Summer Concert Hairstyle Ideas from Nevaeh Salon

Summer Concert Hairstyle Ideas Summer Concert Hairstyle Ideas Summer Concert Hairstyle Ideas Summer Concert Hairstyle Ideas
Summer is filled with festivals, fairs and music events, and in Roseville…we love our country music concerts!  From the tailgate to the big show, you want to focus on having a great time, and not be worried about your hair!!

Concert hairstyle ideas are easy breezy, inspired by the music, the amazing weather and the company of great people.

Call the experts at Nevaeh Salon in Roseville and well pick out some concert hairstyle ideas just for you!  Or stop in for a Heavenly Blowout and style for just $40.  Call us for an appointment at (916) 786-5888 or book online.

Summer concert hairstyles with accessories

Dress up your tresses by adding a flower crown or a delicate head chain to your hairstyle. Any hairstyle, short or long, will look festive pretty flowers, slides or bows. Ribbons make the most genius hair accessory. Secure a wispy, low ponytail with a feminine ribbon and tie it into a bow.  Or, try a colorful scarf, it’s the perfect cover up to protect your hair in the sunshine.

Upstyles with a Twist

A tight bun or topknot keeps you cool in the summer heat—and has a seriously elegant feel, too. Don’t be formal girls, just whip it up and let the tendrils fall loose. Whether you’re looking to be chic and sleek, or whimsical and girlie, the top knot is perfect and easy to create.  Have fun with it and add some color.  Do just a few twists or add a bunch  You’ll look cool and stay cool all night long!

Concert Hairstyles with Braids

Braids are always one of the hottest looks for festivals. If you get rained on and your braid gets wet, it doesn’t matter… just let your hair dry out in the sun, undo the braids and shake out beachy waves!

Bold Hair Color for Summer Concerts

Make a statement with pink, blue or purple hair color, bold or pastel hair colors are also spot on trend for the concert season. Our experienced hair colorists at Nevaeh Hair Salon in Roseville can create the latest ombre and balayage looks, or the whitest platinum or ‘rock n roll’ reds.  Try all over color or just on the ends.