Red Hair Color Trends

RED HEADS are seriously hot right now and we’re looking at the on trend red hair color styles that are set to be big this season!

Auburn Color Trend

Red Hair Color Trends Nevaeh Hair Salon RosevilleAuburn is that gorgeous deep brown hair color that has stunning russet hues coming through. An auburn hair color style looks incredibly healthy and shiny as those subtle red tones give the hair a fantastic glow. Julia Roberts shows off a stunning auburn color with classic red shades undertones.






Vibrant Bright Reds

Red Hair Color Trends Nevaeh Hair Salon RosevilleThe bold all over red hair colors are a modern take on classic red hair styles. Celebrities such as Kristen Stewart have been daring in recent months and have taken the plunge to go stand-out red, red, red! This brave all over red hair color is not for the faint hearted however, you need to be prepared that you’re going to be a head-turner and a trend-setter with this spectacular red hair color trend.





Strawberry Blonde Red Hair

Red hair color trends Nevaeh Hair Salon RosevilleThis subtle red-tinged hair color is a natural red hair color style. Nicole Kidman is the epitome of strawberry blonde hair colors and has been proudly wearing this red hair color for most of her career!







Fruity Orange and Tangerine

Red Hair Color Trends Nevaeh Hair Salon RosevilleJanuary Jones wears a beautifully subtle orange-tangerine colored up-do. Tangerine looks amazing against fair skin complexions and this look works well as an all over red hair color in it’s own right!







Copper Shades and Tones

Red Hair Color Trends Nevaeh Hair Salon RosevilleCopper is a red hair color that is yet to go out of style. It’s a natural looking red hair color that is ideal if you’re going red for the first time. Copper shades and hues allow you to play with a multitude of colors to achieve your desired red hair color style. Isla Fisher shows off a stunning copper hair color that looks full of health and shine.