Ombre and Balayage: Hair Color

Ombre: 2016 Hair Color

Ombre hair color Nevaeh Hair Salon Roseville

If you are a fan of smooth and perfectly blended hair color, ombre may be the technique for you. Thick and bold highlights are out, and ombre is the replacement. Adding strands of light hues back into your hair has never been so chic, but there are a few different ways to embrace the ombre technique. Ombré is by far one of the most popular hair trends these days, and for good  reason… ombré looks fabulous on just about anyone. This color trend essentially mimics the natural growth of colored hair, leaving the roots dark and the tips light.

As ombré has grown in popularity there have been a few different methods utilized in order to achieve the perfect balance of color. Among these techniques there are two that seem to be the most popular: balayage and foiling.

Ombré: Balayage Technique

Using the balayage technique when it comes to achieving beautiful ombré tresses has come to be known as bombré. This method of coloring allows the colors to slightly mix rather than having an obvious defined point where the dark color ends and the light color begins. This ombre technique is much less structured than the foiling system and gives an effortless and blended result.


Ombré: Foiling Technique

If you are going for a very dramatic ombre look, using the foiling technique might just be right for you. Foiling allows the two colors to remain in their respective places more so than what balayage allows, giving the end result a very defined dark to light finish. By keeping the light color mostly within the foils it permits a precise end result of a perfect ombre.


Bring in the New Year with a fabulous new hair color. The best aspect of ombre is that you can make it exactly what you want. If you’re going for a dramatic change, you can go with a bold ombre. If you want a subtle change, ombre is still your answer! Here at Nevaeh we offer the best hair color service in Roseville. You can book your appointment with us at (916) 786-5888.