Hair Trends for 2014

As we move into 2014, it is not just the fashion industry who is eagerly anticipating the new year collections. Predicting the big hair style trends for 2014 has been topical for many months and now at our hairdressing salon in Roseville we are delighted to bring you our favorite hair style trends for 2014. Drum roll please…


Hair Trends for 2014: Crown Braids

Braids are a gorgeous boho look that are always popular in summer and at festivals. 2013’s Coachella festival proved that many A list celebrities choose plaits and braids as their preferred way to keep their locks off their face, whilst still looking glam. A big hairstyle trend for 2014 is the crown braid. At Nevaeh we are particularly loving oversized crown braids which will be sure to add statement to any look.

Hair Trends for 2014: Short Cuts

A new year, a new you! If you are thinking about a new hairstyle for 2014, why not be brave and go for the chop. Anne Hathaway made hairdressing front page news in 2013 when she cut off her long locks for her role in Les Miserables. Just like the pixie cut Anne made famous, short cuts are going to be huge in the new year. Above are a couple of our favorite  short hair styles for 2014.

Hair Trends for 2014: Wavy Style

If you don’t fancy the short look and would prefer to keep your locks long, then this next trend could be for you. A popular hair style trend for 2014 we predict will be the wavy style. Easy to achieve and maintain, the wavy look suits all hair types and colors. Sleek waves are a big hit with the celebs so add some shine spray to your look next time you try this style.

Wedding Hair Trends for 2014

If your big day is scheduled for 2014 then thinking about your bridal hairstyle will no doubt be on your list of to-dos. Popular wedding hairstyles can range from sophisticated up-do’s to over the top statement styles that really set off your dress. At Nevaeh we like bridal hair styles that add a bit of glamour with an accessory – if your wedding is in Spring why not go for a floral look?

Nail Trends for 2014

It’s not just hair style trends for 2014 we have been looking into, there are some amazing new trends for nails too. At Nevaeh Salon and Spa we offer a full range of professional nail services – so for beautiful nails in Roseville and Granite Bay, pop in and see us! Our favorite trends for 2014 are nude nails with added embellishment, and the new celebrity crazy – moon manicures – where the crescent of your nail bed is painted in a contrasting color to the tip.

For more information about any of the trends mentioned, pop in and speak to our experts at our hair salon in Roseville, or click here to request an appointment.