Embrace your curly hair!

Curly hair can be both a blessing and curse depending on the way you choose to style and care for your tresses. When it comes to embracing your curls and learning to love them, (that is if you already don’t) understanding the best ways to manage your locks is extremely important. When it comes to getting a hair cut, it can be very stressful especially when you leave the salon with your hair looking frizzy at the ends.

If you have a head of curls, you most likely know about the magic of the Ouidad cut. If you do not know, you are about to have a brief introduction! What is known as the “carving and slicing”method is an innovative and highly effective way to shape and cut curls without falling into the trap achieving the  infamous pyramid effect; where your hair literally looks like a puffy triangle on your head.

When it comes to hair cuts for curly hair, if your stylist mentions layering, texturizing, or thinning…run! These methods simply do not work well for curly haired folks and ultimately they will lead to frizziness and an overall unflattering look. Be sure to mention the Ouidad cut when you come in for your appointment with us and we will talk you through the entire process.

Here at Nevaeh we are pro curl, meaning we choose to embrace the beauty in curly hair. That is why we follow the Ouidad cut and styling method closely. The new face of Nevaeh, Bernie Tattersfield has a gorgeous head of curls, and she received an Ouidad cut from us! Bernie loves the flexibility of having a cut that transitions so easily from curly to straight.


If you have curly hair and are simply unsure how to tame your tresses, turn to us. We can help you gain a better understanding as to how your curls will style and look with an Ouidad cut. Now is a great time to choose the best salon in Roseville for your hair care needs. We look forward to seeing you soon!