California Curls

If you’ve got natural curls, whether they are soft bouncy curls or tight spirals and coils, come to the curly hair experts in Roseville, CA

Seriously…all the hair shown here was cut and/or styled by one of the curly hair experts at Nevaeh Salon. 

California Curls California Curls California Curls California Curls

Hairstyles with natural curls? The right haircut is key!

We specialize in cutting and styling all hair types, but we are crazy about curly hair.  We offer the Ouidad Carve & Slice curly haircut and the Rake & Shake curly hair styling method.  In fact, we are one of the few salons in the Granite Bay Area that is certified in these Ouidad cutting techniques. 

Challenges of Curly Hair

Every hair type and texture has its challenges, there’s no perfect one.  The trick to making peace with your curly hair is to understand it!  We are trained to recognize your unique curl pattern so that we can predict how it will behave when it’s wet, when it’s dry, and when it’s humid outside.  Cutting and styling curly hair demands customized techniques because of these curl patterns and how they can vary throughout different areas of your head.  Your Nevaeh curly hair expert will give you a precision cut which will allow your curls to bounce back to life.

Short to Medium Curly Hairstyles

California Curls California Curls California Curls California Curls California CurlsCalifornia CurlsCalifornia Curls California Curls

Long curly hairstyles

Imagine with the right cut, how easy styling your curly hair could be!  We’ll show you the best products for curly hair and how to work with them.  Look at these gorgeous curls and coils.  Your straight hair friends are low key jealous already!  Don’t fight those curls, rock them!

 California Curls California Curls California Curls California Curls

Are you frustrated with your curly hair?

Call Nevaeh Salon in Roseville CA and book a hair cut with a curly hair specialist. Call 916-786-5888 or book an appointment online. Be sure to select the Ouidad service option!