Blonde Hair Color for Summer

Blonde Hair Color Guide

Blonde is Summer’s most popular hair color every year. With a lengthy list of blonde hair colors to choose from it’s no wonder we chop and change our hair colors with the seasons! Here we look at the most popular blonde hair colors. Whatever the weather, at our Roseville Hair Salon we have the blonde hair color for you!

Blonde hair is a really versatile hair color that is suitable for all skin tones. But which blonde hair color shade will you choose?

Honey Blonde Hair Color

Blonde Hair Color for SummerHoney Blonde hair is a bright blonde hair color perfect for that girl-next-door look. Highlights and lowlights can add even more versatility to this blonde hair color.

Jennifer Aniston has hair we would die to have and love to work on! What we envy about Jen’s hair the most is the bounce and the health. Jennifer has the basics down to a tee meaning whatever blonde hair color she chooses looks great on her. Here we see Jennifer with her typical warm honey blonde hair color which is a perfect match for her tanned skin tone.

Ashley Olsen has chosen a more sandy hue against her honey blonde hair color. Ashely has chosen a great hair color for almost all skin tones. Highlights and lowlights can be added to add more depth to this blonde hair color.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Platinum blonde hair is a hair color for the more brave and glamorous amongst us. If you want to demand some attention then platinum blonde hair color is the hair color for you!

Blonde Hair Color for SummerChristina Aguilera opts for a white-blonde platinum hair color with a more ashy and cool hue. This platinum hair color shade looks great with a more tanned skin tone, even if it is a tan out of a bottle!

Gwen Stefani has chosen a more golden hue for her platinum blonde hair color. This warmer version of the platinum blonde hair color will look fantastic against paler skin complexions.

Both blonde bombshells have added a little pizazz to their platinum blonde hair colors with some bright red lip color!

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Dark Blonde Hair Color

Dark blonde hair is fast becoming a very popular blonde hair color. Previously dark blonde hair would have only been for those of us with virgin hair, not a color we would choose to have. But now the natural and subtle blonde hair color is becoming increasingly popular and here we can see why! Dark blonde hair color is a great hair color for medium skin tones.

Blonde Hair Color for SummerDark blonde hair looks fantastic with highlights and lowlights added into the mix – making the hair color more unique. Dark blonde hair is a very easy to maintain blonde hair color as your natural roots don’t appear as quickly as with some of the brighter blonde hair colors.

Sarah Jessica Parker here has opted for an ashy hue with her dark blonde hair with brighter tips adding a beachy feel to her hair color.

Hilary Duff adds brighter blonde highlights and stretched roots to her dark blonde hair color with darker roots, this gives her hair an ombre effect. This hair color is a perfect choice for this Spring Summer and still on trend!

Here are some more blonde hair pics of actual Nevaeh Clients: