B3 Brazilian Bond Builder

Hair Color Without Damage at Nevaeh Salon in Roseville.

Coloring your hair shouldn’t be a choice between vibrant hair color and healthy hair. Bond realignment treatments are one of the newest types of professional in salon treatments being used to help prevent damage to the hair during color services. At Nevaeh Salon in Roseville, we use the B3 Brazilian Bond Builder in our color services to protect the condition of your hair. 

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What is b3 Brazilian Bond Builder?

b3 Brazilian Bond Builder (also known as b3) is a professional tool that can be mixed into your hair color formulation to build bonds in your hair, allowing for more creative freedom in your color service. b3 Brazilian Bond Builder helps to reduce damage caused by hair lightening with no added processing time!

How Does b3 Brazilian Bond Builder Work?

Brazilian Blowout created b3 Brazilian Bond Builder, which realigns all three bonds that make up the hair, the disulphide bonds, salt bonds, and hydrogen bonds.

Realigning all three bonds reduces damage to the cellular membrane complex, which is like an adhesive that keeps the layers of the cuticle of the hair stuck together. When the cellular membrane complex loses the “stickiness” it allows the hairs cortex to become exposed, leading to deterioration, breakage and split ends. If the bonds are not corrected, such as with b3 Bond Builder, then hair is at risk of further damage during a hair color service. 

Can b3 Brazilian Bond Builder Be Used With a Perm?

Yes, you can add b3 Brazilian Bond Builder to your perm formula to enjoy damage-free curls and texture.

How Long Does b3 Brazilian Bond Builder Take To Process?

The b3 Brazilian Bond Builder is one step, which consists of the product being mixed into your color formula to prevent breakage during chemical coloring process. Since b3 doesn’t add to the processing time and is only one step it is a good add-on treatment for color that doesn’t add time to your salon visit.