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Balmain Hotheads hair extensions roseville ca

Have you ever seen a woman with luxurious, gorgeous, flowing hair and wished upon a star it could be yours?

Thanks to the Hair Extension services offered at Nevaeh Hair Salon in Roseville, hair envy can be a thing of the past!

We offer Balmain Hair Extensions, Hotheads Hair Extensions, as well as other types of extensions here at Nevaeh Salon.

Balmain Hair Extensions are 100% human hair extensions that can be added to hair in a variety of ways, depending on what best suits your needs.

Balmain Hotheads hair extensions roseville caBalmain Hair Extensions have 40 years of experience in producing the finest quality of hair for their products.  Whether you desire extensions for length, to change your hair color, for volume, or a creative pop of color, Nevaeh Salon has your hair extension needs covered.

Balmain Hair Extensions come in 24 natural shades that range from the lightest and brightest of blondes to the deepest and darkest of blacks.  There are 24 bright, funky hair extension colors available, 12 colors in human hair and 12 in fiber hair extensions.

These “fashion trend” hair extensions range from “pig pink” to “purple rain,” to “spring green” to “spring orange.”  The trained staff has been educated specifically with different techniques so they can meet your every need.

Our Hair Extension Services not only give you the full, glamorous, natural looking hair extensions you’ve always dreamed of, they can also be tailored to suit your needs or concerns :

Balmain Hotheads hair extensions roseville caHair Extensions – Risk-Free Color:

Change your hair color without any chemicals in as short as 3 minutes by adding a few colored hair extensions in strategic patterns throughout your hair.

A great way to add dramatic flashes of color – or to try out more subtle variations in hair color without permanent hair chemicals.

Hair Extensions – Fuller hair:

If the ends of your hair are thin and fine, let one of our highly educated stylists add hair extensions throughout your hair to add volume, length, and fresh color.

If you are looking for a transformation in length, body or even hair color – this is the service for you.

Hair Extensions – Lasting volume:

Balmain Hotheads hair extensions roseville caIf your hair loses volume easily, or just doesn’t have any volume to begin with, our stylists can strategically place hair extensions to areas that will address that issue alone.

Get thicker, fuller, bouncier hair without the hassles of many months of trying to grow your own.

Hair Extensions – Hair thickening service:

Perhaps you have been dealing with thinning hair due to medical issues, age, shedding, etc.

This is your solution!  Balmain Hair Extensions can be added throughout your hair to give it the volume and thickness you desire.

Our highly skilled professionals can advise on the results achievable and the best solution for your thinning hair or hair loss.

Balmain-Hair-Extensions-PriceHair Extensions – Glamorous Service:

Who doesn’t want celebrity style hair?!

For an affordable price, our stylists can alter your current hair with extensions to give you the hairstyle you have been yearning for.

Get the Hollywood look and film star hairstyles – quick and easy at the Nevaeh Hair Extensions Salon.

Each of these services range in the amount of time it takes to add the hair extensions to your existing hair style.  The methods vary as well, ranging from a hot or cold fusion application, weaving, bonding, clipping-in, and an easy strand application.  Each option for applying the hair extensions ranges in the amount of time the extensions last.  They can last anywhere from daily to 6-8 weeks.

The Nevaeh Salon Hair Extensions philosophy includes “providing professional hair extension solutions for everyday clients with everyday problems.”  Let us help solve your everyday hair problems today with beautiful, luxurious, Balmain Hair Extensions at Hotheads Hair Extensions at the Nevaeh Salon.



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